What About Replacing Hormones for the 50 and Over Crowd

As we age( after 50) our body begins to make less of everything including our hormones. For women its mainly estrogen,progesterone,testosterone and one called dehydroepiandosterone( abbreviated DHEA). For men its mainly testosterone and DHEA. So-whats the big deal. Well, hormones are like a tank of gas-the car runs great-if the tank is empty, it doesn’t run very good, if at all.( not a great analogy,but the best I could come up with) . Anyway-replacing hormones can make you feel a lot better, relieve many menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and have many benefits like helping your bones.

I am not going into all the details of benefits etc cause their all over the internet. what I would like to do-is tell you how to replace hormones and what to use.


  1. You can go to your Doctor and see if they will prescribe Bio-identical hormones for you.( bio-identical hormones mean the same thing your body normally produces)-the biggest problem here is that most regular doctors including OB-GYN do not have experience with individualizing hormone therapy and can probably not help you. However-finding an Integrative Medical Doctor will know exactly what to do.
  2. You can buy bio-identical hormones including estriol,estradiol and progesterone in a topical cream form without a prescription. You cannot get Testosterone without a prescription but you can DHEA which converts to Testosterone in the body without a prescription. This is a great thing if you are wanting to increase Testosterone levels to help with libido problems.
  3. You can always just go the herbal route which can help with symptoms like hot flashes ,mood swings ,sleep etc. The main one is black cohosh.


  1. For men you have to go to a Doctor to get a prescription for testosterone–Keep in mind the stuff is expensive if you have to pay for testosterone from pharmaceutical companies( like $200-$300/month). Its much cheaper to get the same thing made from a compounding pharmacy( maybe $50-$60/month.)

S0-Keep hormones in mind especially if you just seem to be loosing your gusto and enthusiasm or your just miserable from post-menopausal or post-andropausal life.

Remember-Easy does it and it all just one day at a time.

Bill and Mike


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